Searles Iron Chelate



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Promotes better plant health in the formation of Chlorophyll.

Corrects leaf yellowing
Fast acting

Iron is an essential element in the formation of chlorophyll and enzymes within the plant.

Deficiency symptoms vary somewhat with plant species, however a general symptom is the yellowing in between leaf veins. This is most noticeable in the younger leaves. There is usually a sharp distinction between the yellow and green portions. In severe cases, the whole leaf turns yellow, including the veins.

Iron Chelate is more effective than Iron Sulphate in overcoming Iron deficiencies in plants, due to several advantages chelate has over sulphate form of trace elements. Searle Iron Chelate is highly soluble, quickly absorbed by plant foliage and plant roots. It is much more easily assimilated within the plant system. There is much less chance of ‘burn’ damage occurring with iron chelate because of its organic substance. In alkaline soils chelated iron is the only way of feeding iron to a plant. Iron Chelate is not readily leached from the soil because of its attraction to the surface of soil particles.

- Iron (Fe) is essential in the formation of chlorophyll.

- Deficiency symptoms include yellowing between veins in young leaves.

- Deficiencies are most common in alkaline soil.

- Quick acting.

- For fruit, vegetables, roses, shrubs, and lawns.

- Available size: 200g.

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