Searles Trace Elements



Plant Protection

Product Type

Garden Conditioner


Corrects most element deficiencies & restores plant health balance.

For pots & gardens
Fast results
Improves nutrients in soil

Searles Trace Elements assists in correcting most element deficiencies, in a soluble form for rapid response, plus boosts healthy plant growth. Common symptoms of trace element deficiencies are poor growth, deformed and yellow leaves and deformed fruit.

Dissolve the recommended amount in water and apply evenly to the soil or foliage, repeated applications may be necessary until the deficiency has been corrected.

- Premium Blend

- Broad base element mix.

- Contains magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and sulphur.

- Corrects most element deficiencies.

- Easy to use.

- 100% soluble.

- Vital for healthy plant growth.

- Available sizes: 700g.

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