Searles Sulphur Powder



Plant Protection

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Garden Conditioner


Ideal for increasing acidity in soils.

For gardens
Fast results
Increase acidity in soils

Sulphur powder, also known as agricultural sulphur, is an excellent acidifying agent for lowering pH of alkaline soils.

This is very important for plants that require acidic conditions such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias, rhododendrons, ericas, hydrangeas, philodendrons & other acid loving plants. Work the Sulphur powder into the soil and water in well.

Deficiencies of Sulphur result in restricted growth and yellow leaves.

- Lowers pH of alkaline soil.

- Corrects sulphur deficiencies.

- Avoid contact between sulphur powder and plant foliage.

- Available sizes: 500g and 2kg.

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