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Professionally designed to provide high germination performance and healthy growth up to transplanting

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Water efficient technology

Searles Seed Raising Mixture is a professionally formulated mixture used by experienced nurserymen. This mix contains a high percentage of Peat Moss, making it a light, fine textured blend with good water retention, while also providing excellent aeration for essential root growth. Ideal for use in seedling boxes or trays, or on top of the garden bed to save transplanting.

- High germination performance.- Contains fertilisers for up to transplanting (approx. two-leaf stage).

- Certified AS 3743 for seedling mix.- Penetraide® Re-wetting Granules.

- A light fine textured soft blend containing Peat Moss.- Water absorbent formula.

- Excellent aeration properties for good root growth and establishment.

- Available sizes: 10 litres, 30 litres and 50 litres.

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