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Lawn Care

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Lawn Care

Economy Lawn Seed is ideally suited for most large area lawns.

Fast results

Searle Economy Lawn Seed is ideal for over sowing and can be used for all year around.

A quick germinating lawn seed with a rich green colour.

When mature, Searles Economy Lawn Seed exhibits an attractive green colour. A good patch area lawn seed.


- 55% perennial ryegrass.

- 36% annual ryegrass.

- 6% turf type fescue.

- 3% unhulled couch.

- Attractive green colour.

- Hard wearing.

- Saves money and time.

- Best sown autumn/spring but will germinate most of the year.

- Sowing rate: 1kg/30m2 for lawns.

- Available sizes: 750g and 5kg.

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