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Controlled Release Fertilisers


6 Months feeding for orchids and cymbidiums

For pots
Flower booster
Controlled release fertiliser

Orchids & Cymbidiums enjoy sustained nutrient delivery for robust flower spikes and healthy foliage.


Robust® Orchid & Cymbidium fertiliser has been developed as a balanced formulation for sustained nutrition for year round application.


Robust® Orchid & Cymbidium formula is fortified with extra potassium and trace elements to assist in maximising growth and flowering.


Suitable for all orchids including dendrobiums, phalaenopsis, oncidiums, cymbidiums & cattleyas.


- NPK: 15 : 2 : 14

- Premium quality Controlled Release Fertiliser.

- Designed to Australian conditions.

- Plus added instant plant food.

- Contains trace elements and minerals.

- Fortified with extra Potassium for more flowering

- Feeds for up to 6 months.

- Provides essential long-term nutrition for strong, robust plant growth.

- Boosts blooms and growth.

- Carton and inner plastic can be recycled.

- Not for human/pet consumption.

- Store in a secure, cool, dry place.


- Available sizes: 500g carton.

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