Searles Garden Lime




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Garden Conditioner

An excellent soil sweetener & conditioner.

For gardens only
Improves nutrients in soil
Mix into soil before planting

Calcium is a very important element in all plants. It helps to strengthen plant cell walls. Lime helps to increase soil pH increasing the availability of soil nutrients. However, do not use on acid loving plants such as camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons.

Calcium deficiency: can often be noticed in the younger leaves (higher leaves on the plant or at the tip of the branch). General symptoms include stunting of plant growth, paling of young leaves, even blackening of leaf tips and margins. Petals tend to appear water-soaked, due to loss of cell structure. These symptoms may occur due to insufficient lime or dolomite in the soil, or excessive applications of potassium or ammonium-based fertilisers.

- Promotes strong healthy plant growth.

- Enhances fertiliser response.

- Improves soil structure.

- Aids in plant strength.

- Adds essential calcium for the strengthening of plant cell walls.

- Corrects acidity.

- Available sizes: 3.5kg & 6kg.

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