Searles Borax (Boron)



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Promotes growth in young shoots, roots & flower buds & fruit.

Fast results
Boosts plant growth


Boron is associated with several functions within the plant, e.g., respiration, carbohydrate metabolism, the transport of sugars and the absorption of calcium. It is also essential for the formation of new cells at growing points for young shoots, roots, flower buds and fruit.

Born deficiencies first appear in the youngest leaves and growing points on the plant. Boron deficiency frequently causes the death of the growing point on the stem, resulting in the production of numerous shoots thereby giving a witch’s broom effect. Other symptoms that may occur include death of terminal and lateral buds, young leaves thicken, curl and become brittle, lower petals of flowers become brown and eventually die.

- Boron is important to growing tissue in young shoots, roots, flower buds and fruit.

- Boron deficiency is likely in alkaline soils.

- Symptoms of boron deficiency may vary to include death of terminal buds, thickening of young leaves, brittle flower petals and occasionally yellow-reddish colouring.

- Application may need to be repeated every week for 2 to 3 weeks or until corrected.

- Quick acting.

- Available size: 500g.

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