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Supercharged organic goodness, so you can grow the healthiest veggies, flowers, fruit and lawns.

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Organic Certified

5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Pellets is a superior quality, composted plant food, using high grade natural ingredients. This product is a very rich source of organic nutrients in a simple and easy to use form. 5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Pellets provide a full range of major nutrients, trace elements and minerals to promote strong and healthy plant growth, brilliant blooms and beautiful fruit & vegetables.

5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Pellets contain Blood & Bone, hoof & horn, fish & seaweed nutrients, Potash bloom booster, composted animal manures and a full compliment of trace elements and minerals. This enhanced long lasting formula is ideal for flowers, veggies, fruit, lawns, shrubs & trees.

5IN1® Organic Fertiliser, trusted and recommended for over 15 years!

- BFA Registered 100% organic and natural.

- Premium high nutrient organic fertiliser. NPK: 3.25 : 2 : 1.7

- Promotes strong healthy plant growth, brilliant blooms and rich, healthy fruit & vegetables.

- Unique blend of premium grade natural ingredients for superior results.

- Adds long life humus build up to the soil, encouraging healthy microbial and earthworm activity.

- Available sizes: 2.5kg, 5kg & 15kg

- Available in Dig in, Pellets, Liquid Concentrate and Hose-On forms.