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10 Reasons To Use An Organic Lawn Fertiliser


June 30, 2022


Searles Admin

Why is Searles 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser excellent for vegetables, gardens and lawns?

They are so many benefits to using 5 IN 1 on your garden beds, vegetable crops and lawns. 5 IN 1 combines the benefits of 10 organic ingredients (cow, fowl, sheep manures, mushroom compost, zeolite, blood & bone, hoof and horn) to enrich the soil. It also contains trace elements and minerals to keep the plants overall health in check. Boosted with beneficial microbes to enhance plant growth and improves soil.

Here are 10 reasons to use 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser

  • Boosts healthy growth, leaf and root system growth.
  • Contains long lasting organic fertiliser and may feed plants for up to 6 months.
  • Boosts bigger and better fruit and flowers.
  • Excellent fertiliser for growing vegetable and fruit crops, because they are hungry feeders.
  • Retains soil moisture, keeping the root system cool, which also saves water and watering time.
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations around the root system, maintaining a healthier environment for plant growth.
  • Adds a long life humus build up to the soil.
  • Adds and fosters microbial and earthworm activity.
  • Contains Zeolite for greater fertiliser efficiency - to keep the fertiliser lasting longer.
  • Suitable for revitalising the lawns.
  • Adds important beneficial microbes.
  • Best used to dig into existing soil when planting trees, shrubs and veggies.

Available in different application methods - hose-on, dig in, liquid & pellets.