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Why Fertilise Your Lawn In Spring?


August 16, 2023


Searles Admin

Why fertilise your lawn in spring – How to fertilise your lawn for lush green grass

Why fertilise your lawn in spring – How to fertilise your lawn for lush green grass

To maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the spring and summer, regardless of the weather conditions, you can use Searles Lawn Food. This product is a slow-release fertiliser. Searles Lawn Food delivers instant results and promotes steady, strong growth for months after application.

More steady growth leads to dense grass that doesn't need frequent mowing, resulting in a robust and compact lawn. A mower that doesn't cut too low and a thick lawn can prevent weeds from growing. This is because the thicker grass suffocates the weeds and doesn't allow them to grow. Another significant benefit is Searles Lawn Food is an environmentally friendly fertiliser. 

By slowly releasing nutrients, the lawn gets what it needs without overwhelming it. This means fewer nutrients end up in the water and more stay on the lawn, helping it grow better. A little goes a long way, providing tremendous value for money.‍

TIP: If you know rain is coming, quickly spread the lawn food over your lawn and let nature water them in.

To keep your lawn growing well all year, apply extra fertiliser in autumn after spring and summer applications. It is as easy as that.

Spring Lawn Care: How to Fertilise Your Lawn for a Lush Green Landscape

When spring comes and birds start singing, your lawn is getting ready to grow. During these spring months, lawn care's importance comes to the forefront, particularly understanding how to fertilise your lawn.

One of the pivotal products in spring lawn care is Searles Lawn Food. This fertiliser is designed to make your lawn look great in spring. It slowly releases nutrients and can transform your lawn into a lush, green paradise. Why, you ask? Here's what makes it a top pick:

1. Promotes Steady Growth:

Searles Lawn Food ensures a consistent and steady growth pattern. A steadily growing lawn results in dense grass, which means fewer mowing sessions for homeowners. A dense, compact lawn looks visually appealing and is a natural barrier against weeds.

When mowing, ensure the blade doesn't cut too low. This maintains the lawn's compactness and inhibits weed growth, thanks to the suffocating effect on potential weeds.

2. Environmentally Friendly Choice:

Sustainability is key, and Searles Lawn Food stands out as an environmentally friendly lawn food option. The slow-release mechanism ensures the lawn absorbs all the vital nutrients it needs without overwhelming it. Running off into water sources wastes fewer nutrients as a result. This efficient use ensures a healthy lawn and offers excellent value for money.

3. Perfect for Spring and Summer Months:

Searles Lawn Food is essential for achieving a beautiful lawn in spring and summer. And if you're looking for a pro-tip, here it is: If rain is on the horizon, sprinkle your lawn food. Let nature take its course, watering in the nutrients ideally.

4. Year-Round Lawn Health:

Beyond the spring and summer, your lawn demands attention, even in autumn. To promote healthy and consistent lawn growth, consider an extra fertiliser application during the summer season.

Should you fertilise your lawn before or after it rains?

In spring, as the world wakes up and grows green, lawn care enthusiasts strive for a perfect, lush lawn. How you fertilise your lawn plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Is it smart to put lawn food on before a significant rain when caring for your lawn?

Timing is Everything in Lawn Care:

Rain, while essential for plant growth, can sometimes be a spoilsport, especially if you've just applied fertiliser to your garden. Preventing the slow-release fertiliser from washing away in spring and summer is essential. This is especially crucial if you desire a small, healthy lawn that grows well.

A heavy rain can do just that. Fertiliser may wash away if your lawn is on a steep slope before absorption.

The Cost of Poor Timing:

Fertilising your lawn is not just about ensuring lawn growth. It's an investment of time, effort, and money.

Heavy rain can wash away lawn food. This can result in a missed chance for a healthy lawn. Additionally, it is also a waste of resources.

When Should You Fertilise?

For those contemplating how to fertilise your lawn for optimal results, the key lies in monitoring the weather forecast. If the skies promise a heavy downpour, hold off the fertilising.

It's ideal to apply the fertiliser when there's no rain expected for at least two days. However, if you’re expecting only a drizzle, that's a different scenario. Light rain can be an excellent way to water the fertiliser and help it absorb better, which leads to healthy growth. When applying Searles Lawn Food to lawns, water well after application.

Spring lawn care is an art; just like any masterpiece, the details matter. When aiming for that dreamy lush lawn in spring and summer, ensure you time your fertilisation right. Plan carefully and monitor the weather to quickly achieve a lush and healthy lawn.

In conclusion, achieving a verdant lawn isn't rocket science. Use Searles Lawn Food and a good care plan for a healthy lawn.

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