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Top Dressing Lawns


August 7, 2023


The Searles Gardening Team

Whether you are filling in holes, evening out lawns or adding nutrients to the soil for better growth, applying a 1-2cm layer of Searles Lawn Top Dressing will set your lawn up for strong spring growth.

Top dressing with Searles Lawn Top Dressing will add rich composted nutrients and minerals to encourage the production of new grass shoots and strengthen roots resulting in a thicker greener lawn. A thicker and regularly mown lawn will smother out weeds, reducing the use of chemical spraying. A top dress of organic matter will also encourage microbial activity to break down grass clippings and provide extra nutrients into the soil. Extra organic matter also improves water retention and drainage in the soil. Especially helpful during drier times of the year, but also equally when the ‘big wet’ comes.

Lawns may require top dressing to maintain lawn profile at a constant height and to rejuvenate lawns for optimal growth. Top dressing should occur between spring to autumn. Before applying, mow lawn the day prior.

1. Spread Searles Top Dressing Mix approximately 1-2cm deep across lawn area to be dressed.

2. Rake/spread into soil prior to watering.
Don’t fully cover green leaves, ensure grass tips remain exposed.

3. Water well after raking to bed down the soil.

Lawn areas usually require maintenance on an ongoing process to keep them looking their best. As holes or gaps develop in lawn areas, apply top dressing mix to areas to repair lawn area.