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How To Control Ants In The Garden


June 30, 2022


Searles Admin

When it comes to gardening, ants can be troublesome and sometimes downright painful, but did you know there is an easy solution to control these biting menaces.

Ant Problems

Ants can create many problems in the garden, such as building mounds in lawns, creating dry water repellent soils (especially in pot plants), spreading other pest activity such as scale and aphids not to mention the painful bites of many ants, such as the green ant or bull ant.

Associated Ant Problems

Ants are also known to be responsible for other pest activity, such as scale and aphids. Ants are like farmers; they actually harvest the sugary secretions from scale and aphids and take this back to their nests to feed the colony. The ants can be responsible for taking scale and aphids from one plant to another, hence spreading the pest activity.If you observe ant activity in or on plants and shrubs, carefully look to see if there is scale or aphid activity as well. You may need to treat for these other pests in conjunction with the ants. Conversely, if you notice scale or aphid activity in the garden, look out for the ants and treat all at the same time.

Controlling Ants

By controlling ants in the home garden, the above-mentioned problems are greatly reduced. Ants are very easy to keep under control. To do so, sprinkle Searles Dead Ant Pro granules around the garden and lawn, wherever you notice their activity. If you notice ant trails or nests, be sure to sprinkle Searles Dead Ant Pro around these areas.Repeat applications may be necessary, depending on the amount of ant activity in your garden.