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Fast acting, highly effective granular insecticide (bifenthrin) for the control of lawn beetles & grubs in the home garden.

Fast results for lawns

Searles Dead Grub Pro for Lawns is a cost-effective broad-spectrum insecticide that is used to control lawn armyworm, African black beetle and a variety of other grubs & beetles in lawn situations. Lawn grubs, grass caterpillars and the larvae of lawn beetles can cause devastating problems in the lawn by eating both the grass and grass roots. The damage can very quickly be noticed by patches of grass or lawn suddenly dying. The dead grass is easily lifted off the soil in clumps as the roots have been severed.

Lawn armyworm attacks leaves, stems and seed heads. Their name relates to the fact that they quite often occur in large proportions and quickly devour the grass before moving on to new grass areas.

Most lawn grub activity occurs in late spring through summer to autumn. Adult lawn beetles become active in spring, which is when they start mating and laying eggs.

Active Constituent:

2g/kg Bifenthrin.

- Broad coverage - 1kg treats up to 160m2.

- Can be used on all types of lawn grubs and beetles.

- Easy to apply granules - simply sprinkle on.

- Always be sure to read the full label and follow all directions.

- Available size: 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and Hose-on 2L.

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