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Control Chickweed - Treatment


August 2, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What does Chickweed (Stellaria media) look like and how to control it?

Chickweed is a quick-growing, winter annual, wild plant often found in semi-shaded locations, garden beds or cool moist ground. It has (and still is) regarded as a valuable edible weed with nutrients similar to spinach and can be safely consumed by both humans and poultry as long as any sprays have been avoided.  

Recognising chickweed

Chickweed has small glossy bright green foliage and often makes thick mats and can overcrowd or smother neighbouring plants. Small clusters of white flowers are often produced as temperatures begin to rise by mid-spring at which stage its life cycle begins to end.  

How to control chickweed in lawns

The easiest way to remove chickweed from the garden is by physical removal prior to the plants producing flowers. Alternatively, below are three Searles herbicides suitable for controlling chickweed.


Searles lawnweeder herbicide


Searles Buffalo Master Herbicide Spray


Searles Bindii and Clover Killer for lawns

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