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Control Bindii - Treatment


August 2, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What does Bindii look like and how to control it?

If you want a perfect lawn that you can walk on without all the painful Bindii prickles, then you need to spray now to clean up for spring.

Winter is a time when many nuisance weeds and prickles tend to invade our home turf. One such major nuisance weed is the Bindii.

If you have ever walked on a bindii and felt the sharp pain they cause, this is actually the seed that has the prickles. Bindies grow in the winter and set seed late winter to early spring.

To kill bindii in lawns...

The trick to stopping Bindies from spreading is to spray them in winter as soon as you see them, before the prickles develop, and continue to repeat spray every 3 weeks until they are all gone. Repeat spraying is important as this will control weeds that germinate after the prior spraying.


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How to spray weeds more effectively?

For greater success with spraying, weeds add a wetting agent, such as Searles Spredmax. This wetting agent helps the herbicide spray to stick to the weeds, giving better knockdown of weeds and more effective results and enhances performance.

Note: Refer to product labels to ensure suitability for your lawn and directions for how to use.

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