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Autumn lawn care


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

Fertilising lawns in autumn is different from summer, as you need to prepare the lawn for winter. This is a very easy job. Below are some steps for simple, practical and effective autumn lawn care to give your lawn the best possible treatment before winter. Lawns that are prepared in autumn prior to winter will endure winter with far better colour and get away to a fast green start come spring.

It's preferable to have mown your lawn at least 3 days before fertilising. Use a lawn food that is not too high in Nitrogen such as Searles Lawn Food. Searles Lawn Food contains organic fertilisers as well as mineral fertilisers, and will feed for about 2-3 months. Lawn foods with high nitrogen content are best kept for use in spring through to summer. They are not suitable for autumn application as they will promote fast growth, but will leave very little strength for the lawn to endure the winter cold.

The real trick for lawns in autumn is to sweeten the soil. To do this, sprinkle Dolomite all over your lawn at about one handful to every 2 square metres. Aerating the lawn is also a very good practice prior to winter. If you are feeling energetic, use a hand lawn aerator to gently aerate all the lawn area. Otherwise, you may be able to hire a mechanical lawn aerator, which will tackle the job in far less time and with minimal effort.

When you have finished all this, your lawn will look like it's been freshly dusted with Icing Sugar. Don't worry about that; just give it a good deep watering to wash all the fertiliser and dolomite into the soil. Once it has been watered in, the nutrients will start to work and they will feed the lawn, as well as sweetening the soil. This will give good lush green growth and help prepare the lawn for the winter cold.

Lawns may require top dressing to maintain lawn profile at a constant height and to rejuvenate lawns for optimal growth. Top dressing should occur between spring to autumn. Use Searles Lawn Top Dressing Soil and spread mix approximately 1-2cm deep across lawn area to be dressed. Rake/spread into soil prior to watering. Don’t fully cover green leaves, ensure grass tips remain exposed. Water well after spreading

If you do this, your lawn will look tremendous & you'll be giving it the best possible care for winter.