Searles Platinum Premium Potting Mix

Premium Potting Mix for healthy pot plants

With Searles® master blending techniques, we bring you the best potting mix in the range. Using performance maximising ingredients, the best just got better. 

50% more fertiliser* – 18 months fertiliser for sustained healthy plant growth
Contains 18 months controlled release fertiliser which delivers essential plant nutrients for sustained healthy plant growth.

Double strength wetting agent* – Better absorption, retention and distribution of moisture
Contains double strength Penetraide. Delivers better absorption, retention and distribution of moisture throughout the mix for up to 12 months, so the entire root system benefits from watering & feeding.

Rapid plant response with Searles Flourish soluble plant food
Provides fast acting nutrients to ensure strong root development, bigger blooms and better growth.

Proven blend for optimal performance – Peat 80 formula

Searles Platinum Potting Mix is the next evolution of Searles popular “Peat 80 Potting Mix”. This blend provides excellent water and nutrient retention & release due to the combination of high grade ingredients and optimal ratio of peat, which is enhanced via the addition of water crystals.

Boosted with Potash – For better blooms, fruit and disease resistance
Helping plants produce colourful flowers, quality fruit and improve disease resistance.

Searles Water Crystals
Provide up to 400 times their weight in water absorption and helping aerate the mix as they expand and contract.

Our highest-grade potting mix just got better! The new Searles® Platinum Potting Mix contains an enhanced formulation with a high ratio of Peat Moss blended with Composted Pine Peat, Premium Compost Mix and Washed Sand, to achieve stunning plants in both indoor and outdoor applications. Made to meet and exceed requirements of Australian Standards. pH Range 5.3-6.5.


Optimum results are delivered with the inclusion of the following high grade ingredients:

• Zeolite – To help store and release nutrients to plants

• Rock Minerals – Long term mineral release, high in silica for better plant health

• Biostimulants – Beneficial microbes to improve plant health and growth

• Fish – Providing fast-acting nutrients to help improve plant health

• Seaweed – Helping develop better root systems and provide plants vital minerals

Over 40 years experience, extensive research and Searles® master blending techniques combine to bring you the best in the range.

*Compared to Searles® Peat 80 Plus Potting Mix

Platinum Premium Potting Mix - potting mix with fertiliser for pot plants

How to re pot a plant - premium potting mix