Searles pH Soil Test Kit

Searles pH Soil Test Kit
Searles pH Soil Test Kit
Simple, easy to use pH test kit to help achieve optimum growing conditions
Ideal for the home gardener wanting to confirm soil pH and determine if treatment is required to correct soil pH for optimum growing conditions.
The pH of the soil affects plant growth. If the pH is too acidic (less than 5.5) or alkaline (over 7.5) particular nutrients become increasingly less available to the plant. This can result in plant growth and performance being greatly reduced. Very acidic or alkaline soil can cause trace element deficiencies in plants. In addition to adjusting soil pH to the optimum range, also treat plants and soils with a trace element mix, which will boost plants with a range of important elements.

- Includes pH colour chart for easy reference.
- Fast, simple to use soil pH test kit.
- Contains enough indicator liquid & powder for up to 100 tests.