Searles Mancozeb 200g

Searles Mancozeb 200g
Searles Mancozeb 200g
For control of various fungal diseases on some fruit & vegies, flowers & shrubs in the home garden.
Searles Mancozeb is a professional grade fungicide that will provide protection against leaf diseases in a wide number of plant species. It is particularly effective against anthracnose, black spot, and leaf blight to name a few.

Active Constituents:
750g/kg Mancozeb

- Controls black spot on roses and anthracnose on mangoes.
- Suitable for most fruit & vegetables, including ornamental flowers.
- Controls a broad range of 9 common fungal & bacterial diseases including: downy mildew, rust, purple blotch, and brown patch.
- 200g makes up to 133 litre of fungicide spray.
- For more effective application, add Spredmax® when applying.

- Available Size: 200g


How to use Searles Mancozeb