Searles Premium Cow Manure 30lt

Searles Premium Cow Manure 30lt
Searles Premium Cow Manure 30lt
Certified 100% organic Premium composted cow manure, for naturally improved plant growth & health.
Composts, are very high in nutrient value and when freshly composted, may emit a strong, sweet earthy aroma. This aroma is natural and over time naturally decreases as the product matures.

Due to the current very high demand for these products some of our compost products are not being stored or matured enough for the smell to decrease before sold. Earthy, manure aromas are not an indicator of performance and Searles products are fully composted, meeting our rigorist testing standards for high nutrient content and exceptional product performance. All batches are tested before being packaged and available for market.

When using compost in the garden, we always recommend blending one half compost to existing soil for the best result.

Mix Searles Premium Cow Manure with existing soil to add valuable nutrients which are readily available to plants.

Searles composts, mushroom compost and manure aroma is an indicator of the rich organic ingredients contained in these products.

- Premium composted cow manure.
- Enhanced manufacturing process for a finer, more friable mix.
- Excellent source of nutrients, minerals and organic matter.
- Naturally improves plant nutrient uptake and plant growth.
- Enhances structure of sandy soils & helps break up clay soils.
- Helps improve soil water holding capacity.
- Suitable for flowers, vegies, fruit, shrubs & trees.
- Packaging for all sizes may be recycled via REDcycle.
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- Available size: 30 litres.