Searles Florigro Soil Activator 25Lt

Searles Florigro Soil Activator 25Lt
Searles Florigro Soil Activator 25Lt
Organic planting mix & soil activator. Formulated to give the best start to new plants and revitalise existing garden beds
Searles Florigro ® Soil Activator is a high quality blend of composted organic and natural ingredients, boosted with:

- Composted cow & fowl manures for enhanced growth
- Fish & seaweed to stimulate root growth & plant health
- Natural gypsum to condition heavy soils & clays
- Zeolite for improved nutrient availability to plants
- Potassium humates for soil health and moisture retention
- Organic humus for improved soil structure and moisture retention
- Rock minerals for long term mineral supply
- Beneficial microbial activity to stimulate soil health
- Organic carbon to activate soil health and enahnce soil fertility

Benefits of Florigro ® Soil Activator

- Increases plant growth & health
- Excellent soil conditioner & improver
- Helps retain moisture & nutrients in the soil
- Works to keep root system cool which helps save water & watering time
- Adds essential organic matter and carbon to soil
- Improves structure of sandy soils
- Helps aerate & break up heavy clay soils
- Contains valuable nutrients, trace elements & minerals

- Available sizes: 25 litres.