Searles Native Plant Mix 30ltr

Searles Native Plant Mix 30ltr
Searles Native Plant Mix 30ltr
Premium formulation tailored for brilliant results with Australian Native planting in gardens & pots.
Searles Native Plant Mix is specially designed to provide the best growing media for Australian Native plants and other phosphorous-sensitive plants such as grevilleas, callistemons, banksias, acacias, eucalyptus, lilly pillys, melaleucas and proteas. Ideal for gardens, courtyards, and pots.
This unique formulation has been blended to enhance foliage and flowers, helping to produce beautiful Native plants with superior growth.

- Certified to AS 4419 for a low Phosphorus and acidic organic soil mix.
- Enhanced moisture control with Searles Penetraide® and Searles Water Crystals.
- Contains extra iron for deeper greening.
- Promotes strong, healthy plant growth.
- Suitable for garden, courtyard, and container planting.
- Low phosphorus mix suitable for most Australian native plants including proteas.
- Packaging for all sizes may be recycled via REDcycle.
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- Available size: 30 litres.