Searles Lawn Weeder 500ml

Searles Lawn Weeder 500ml
Searles Lawn Weeder 500ml
For control of Mullumbimby couch, bindii, clover & other broadleaf weeds in domestic lawns & turf.
Searles Lawnweeder is a blend of 3 high quality active herbicides which is an excellent all round weed killer for all common grass types (except lippia, strawberry clover or saltene).

Weeds Controlled - bindii, clover, chickweed, creeping oxalis (not TAS), cudweed, dock, dandelions, flatweed, fleabane, lamb’s tongue, sowthistle, Mullumbimby couch

Active Constituents:

192g/L Bentazone present as the sodium salt
112g/L MCPA present as dimethylamine salt
19g/L Dicamba present as dimethylamine salt

- 200ml bottle covers 100m2.
- 500ml bottle covers 250m2.
- Suitable for couch, Qld blue couch, carpet, buffalo*, kikuyu, fescue & saltene lawns.
- For more effective application, add Spredmax® when applying.
- Contains measuring cap for convenient measuring.
- Easy to follow directions.
- Value for money.

- Available sizes: 200ml & 500ml.

* Buffalo grass may show some browning from spray. Spot spray to test effect of spray prior to application.

Note : SBC200 & SBC500 are unavailable. Please use Searles Lawn Weeder as an alternative for lawns listed on package.


How to use Searles Lawnweeder 500ml