Recharge Flower & Fruit 4kg

Recharge Flower & Fruit 4kg
Recharge Flower & Fruit 4kg
New Triple Action formula which delivers the ultimate in fertilising for your flowers & fruit
New formulation provides an easy to spread blend of key ingredients for getting the best out of your plants.

- Boosts flowers, fruit, lush foliage and healthy plant growth

- Suitable for Australian Natives (low Phosphorous)

- Contains Robust Controlled Release Fertiliser for up to 12 months feeding

- Contains Penetraide Advanced Re-Wetting Granules to ensure nutrients and moisture are delivered to the root zone and enhance soil moisture absorption for up to 12 months

- Contains instant release fertiliser for rapid response

- Added Trace Elements, Minerals & Micronutrients to provide a complete food for optimum performance and plant growth

- NPK 8 : 1.5 : 10.5 +TE

Available Sizes: 1.25kg (Carton), 4kg (Tub)