Searles Magnesium Sulphate 700g

Searles Magnesium Sulphate 700g
Searles Magnesium Sulphate 700g
Corrects yellowing of leaf between veins.
Searles Magnesium Sulphate or commonly known as Epsom Salts helps overcome magnesium deficiency in the soil, aids in improving plant vigour and eliminating yellowing in leaves.

Magnesium deficiency causes yellowing between leaf veins, mainly in the older leaves. Yellowing of the leaves may start at the leaf tips and leaf margins and progress inward until the whole leaf is yellow. This can be followed by the curling of the leaf margins and leaf drop.

- Magnesium is essential in plants for photosynthesis
- Magnesium (Mg) deficiency causes yellowing between veins, mainly in older leaves.
- Corrects yellowing in older leaves
- Ideal for gardenias, azaleas, and other acid loving plants.
- Ideal for tomatoes and citrus.

- Available sizes: 700g.