Searles Premium Potting Mix Advanced



Potting Mix

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Potting Mixes

The easy way to beautiful plants! Blended from high grade ingredients so you can achieve excellent results

For pots
Flower & foliage booster
12 month feeding

Advanced formulation potting media, master blended to achieve professional results for the home gardener.

Searles Advanced Premium Potting Mix® is an enhanced mix with Sustainable Peat blend, Composted Pine Peat, Premium Organic Compost, Composted Sawdust and Washed Sand, for outstanding results in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Made to meet and exceed requirements for Australian Standards AS3743.

- 12 Months Searles Robust fertiliser to deliver essential nutrients for sustained healthy plant growth

- 50% More wetting agent* which delivers better absorption, retention and distribution of moisture throughout the mix so the entire root system benefits from watering and feeding for up to 12 months (*compared to Searles Premium Potting Mix)

- Rapid plant response with Searles Flourish soluble plant food which provides fast acting nutrients to ensure strong root development, bigger blooms and better growth

- Excellent water and nutrient retention and release from water crystals. Searles® Water Crystals provide up to 400 times their weight in water absorption and helping aerate the mix as they expand and contract

- Boosted with potash to help plants produce colourful flowers, quality fruit and improve disease resistance

- Contains Zeolite, rock minerals, activated carbon and biostimulants

For brilliant results, use Searles Advanced Premium Potting Mix®!