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Potting Mix

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Potting Mixes


Registered fully organic & natural potting mix for all pots & container planting

For indoor plants
For outdoor plants
Boosted with 5 IN 1 Fertiliser

Searles Premium Organic* Potting Mix is a high-grade premium potting mix containing a unique blend of selected organic ingredients, designed for sustainable and organic growing of potted plants. Formulated for excellent water retention properties while also allowing ideal drainage, providing the right conditions for your loved plants.

This mix contains sufficient organic fertilisers for up to 1 month of plant growth, after which time we suggest an organic fertiliser such as SeaMax Fish & Kelp for further nutrient supply.

- Suitable for Indoor and outdoor potting

- Contains 5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Pellets

- Contains SeaMax® Fish & Kelp

- Contains Blood & Bone

- Contains Potash Bloom Booster

- Enhanced with Zeolite & Volcanic Minerals

- Packaging for all sizes may be recycled via REDcycle. Click here for more information about RedCycle

- Available Size: 10, 30 & 50 Litres

*This product is allowable for use on farms and gardens certified to the Australian organic Standard.

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