Searles Path Weeder Weed Control RTU



Weed Control

Product Type

Trigger Sprayers (RTU)

Weed Control

Ready to spray weed killer to control a broad range of pesky weeds.

Fast results

Searles Path Weeder RTU is a great spray for use in outdoor situations, providing instant and long-term control of un-wanted weeds and grasses in paths and paved area.

This product contains 3 different active constituents, that when combined provide a powerful solution to unwanted weeds in outdoor areas. When spraying affected areas, for effective control do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours.

Active Constituents:

9g/Lt Simazine, 5g/Lt Amitrol, 4.4g/Lt Ammonium Thiocyanate

- Long term contact and residual spray.

- Broad range of target weeds including capeweed, couch grass, dock, kikuyu grass, oxalis, paspalum, plantains, summer, and winter grasses.

- Suitable for patios, paths, driveways, car parks and tennis courts.

- Convenient RTU (Ready to use) spray bottle. No mixing required.

- Fast and effective weed control.

- 1 litre of this product covers 2.25 square metres.

- It is important to apply as per directions for effective control.

- Available Size: 1 litre RTU

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