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Premium grade blend which is designed to produce stunning results for indoor plants

8 months feeding
Leaf greening booster
Water efficient technology

Searles Indoor Potting Mix is a Premium Grade potting mix, designed to achieve stunning results from specially selected and refined ingredients. This mix is boosted with high iron content, providing plants the access they need to this essential nutrient for developing lush, deep green foliage. A healthy balance of key nutrients is delivered to plants by an 8 month controlled release fertiliser, enhancing healthy foliage and flowering over many months.

Blended to provide superior moisture management, Searles Indoor Potting Mix provides the right access to moisture, as and when your indoor plants need it. This mix can be allowed to dry out on the surface, while still providing plant roots the access to moisture they need. Using the mix in this way allows indoor gardeners to keep their plants healthy, while also minimising the chance of attracting insect pests which can be drawn to overwatered pot plants.


- High Iron content to boost deep green foliage.

- Added Searles Flourish® soluble fertiliser, for rapid response and accelerated growth.

- Designed for superior indoor plant growth and health.

- Enhanced moisture management with water crystals & rewetting agent which complement the professionally blended ingredients.

- Premium Grade (AS3743) potting mix, formulated to produce excellent results for indoor growing.

- Packaging for all sizes may be recycled via REDcycle. Click here for more information about RedCycle

Available sizes: 10Litres & 30Litres

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