Searles Flourish Liquid Plant Food - Fruit & Citrus




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Liquid Fertilisers


Complete dual action liquid fertiliser for abundant & rapid growth. Fruit & Citrus.

For pots & gardens
Fruit & flower booster
Fast results

Searles Flourish® Fruit & Citrus is a concentrated complete liquid plant food formulated with premium ingredients providing abundant growth that you will see faster.

This dual action fertiliser contains balanced NPK fertiliser and chelated trace elements that feed plants through both leaves and roots, enriching abundant crops of juicy, tasty fruit.

- Ideal for all citrus and fruit trees and vines in the home garden.

- Dual action with rapid results

- Balanced NPK and chelated trace elements.

- Feeds through both leaves and roots.

- Enriching abundant crops of juicy, taste fruit.

NPK: 10N:2.5P:12K

- Available size: 500ml.Also available in water soluble form.

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