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Pest & Disease Control

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All organic spray to control insects & scale on veggies, fruit & flowers.

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Searles Ecofend Fruit & Garden is an oil-based spray that makes it easy to control citrus leaf miner, scale (soft & hard) and a range of insects on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals. Searles Ecofend Fruit & Garden often has broader application vs competitor products making it a simple one stop solution from multiple problems.

Active Constituent:

830 g/L Paraffinic Oil

Unsulphonated residue not less than 98.0%.

- 100% Organic. Australian Registered Garden Product.

- Made from naturally occurring organic constituents.-


- Low toxicity.

- Organic contact spray.

- Non-residual.

- Made in Australia from Australian natural ingredients.

- Oil based spray for citrus leaf miner, insects and scale on fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamentals.

- Natural spray for outdoor crops, fruit trees, vegetables & ornamentals.

- Control’s scale, aphids, spider mites, whitefly, thrips, leafhopper, mealybugs and citrus leaf miner.

- Available sizes: 250ml and 500ml.

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