Searles Cypress Mulch



Composts & Soil Improvers

Product Type


Weed Control

A highly decorative graded cypress chip mulch used for landscaping and garden beautification.

Suitable for garden beds
Improves soils
Reduces watering

An attractive natural mulch. Termite resistant and suitable for all gardens.

1. Remove weeds from the garden area or around plants to be mulched.

2. Water the soil before applying mulch.

3. Spread mulch over soil approximately 50mm deep for mulching. To re-mulch apply mulch over top of existing at the depth of 25mm.  
NOTE: Do not place mulch against plant and shrub stems. Leave a gap of 5-10cm away from plant stems.

4. Water mulch well to moisten and settle into place.

Area Coverage Notes:
For Re-mulching - 25mm depth. 50L bag covers 2sq. metres
For Mulching - 50mm depth. 50L bag covers 1sq. metre

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