Searles Blood & Bone Organic Fertiliser




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Pure Blood & Bone, providing a premium quality, high nitrogen, organic slow release fertiliser

Flower & Foliage Booster
Long Term Feeding
Not suitable for pot planting

Searles Blood & Bone is a great organic fertiliser for many areas of gardening. It provides a slow release source of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, three nutrients essential to plant growth.

Searles Blood & Bone is an excellent fertiliser for many plants, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, etc. It is also an excellent fertiliser for flowering plants. Simply mix about 10 to 20% of Searles Sulphate of Potash with the Blood & Bone before applying to flowering plants. This is also excellent for fertilising bulbs.

- Certified 100% organic.

- Contains pure blood and bone.

- Provides high 8.5% nitrogen.

- Organic slow release fertiliser.

- Promotes strong, steady plant growth.

- NPK 8.5:7.2:0

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