Improve old and tired potting mix and poor soil without re-potting

Plants in your garden and pots looking tired? Time for the potting mix and garden soil to be recharged.


Recharge Sprinkle & Grow contains controlled release and instant fertilisers, trace elements and minerals to revitalise the nutrients in the plants soil for another 6 months. It also contains added Penetraide Re-Wetting Granules that allow water and fertiliser to penetrate to the roots of the plant. Recharging your plants once again. 

A terrific product for 'recharging' old and tired potting mixtures, impoverished soils and budget potting mixes. Ideal for use in large tubs, planter boxes and patio gardens. Convenient 'easy to sprinkle on soil' shaker bottle. 

Recharge tired potting mix - easy way to fertilise potting mix