How to kill lawn and garden weeds better - Wetting agent

One way to increase the effectiveness of your herbicide weed killer is to add a wetting agent to your spray. Spredmax is a concentrated spreader wetting agent used to maximise spray application, wetting and sticking and to improve the overall effectiveness of your weed killer. 


Spredmax helps improve the spray solution ability to stick to leaves, which is important for plants with waxy leaves, or those that are hard to wet. This is particularly important for grasses and weeds. Most herbicides kill weeds via direct leaf contact and Spredmax maximises spray contact by preventing spray droplets from beading on the leaf surface, increasing droplet contact area thus improving spray efficiency and saving cost.


Spredmax is ideal for adding to prepared solutions of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. It may also be used to improve foliar applications of soluble and liquid fertilisers.


Two other effective ways to increase better spray coverage is not to spray on a windy day and not if you think rain is about. Rain will dilute the effectiveness of the spray. 

How to use Spredmax wetting agent

First pesticide, fungicide or herbicide should be mixed according to instructions on its primary label. Spredmax should be added last to the full spray-tank while agitating.

View Spredmax label for more directions

Spreader wetting agent - improve lawn and weed spray coverage