How to Grow Pak Choi



What a great satisfaction it is to grow and eat home grown vegetables. One home favourite, due to it’s fast growth and subtle flavour, is Pak Choi.

Pak Choi is a very fast growing vegetable that flourishes in a hot and tropical climate. Pak Choi is jam packed full of nutritious vitamins and loads of flavour, to compliment any stir fry or as a side serving of delicious steamed vegetables.

Pak Choi loves a very rich soil in a full sun position. Improve the soil before planting with 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser. Add approximately a 2-3cm layer of 5 IN 1 over the soil and dig this in to a depth of about 10cm. Give this a good watering and plant straight into it.

Now after you’ve planted out the Pak Choi, the trick to a flavour rich and tender vegetable is regular watering. They don’t like to dry out for any lengths of time so water every couple of days. By watering every 2-3 days, they will grow beautifully and remain soft and tender. If they are allowed to dry out for lengthy intervals, they can become tough and bitter.

Pak Choi do not need much fertilising if you have prepared the soil well in advance. To promote strong growth, fertilise with SeaMax Fish & Kelp liquid fertiliser, a fully organic fertiliser that stimulates strong plant growth and health.

Growing Pak Choi is as easy and successful, just remember:


  • Improve soil with 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser.
  • Water regularly every two to three days.
  • Fertilise with SeaMax Fish & Kelp.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy sweet and tender Pak Choi all through summer.

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