Why fertilise your lawn in spring – How to fertilise your lawn for lush green grass

To achieve a continued beautiful lush lawn over the spring and summer months during periods of rain or no rain, lawns benefit from a slow-release fertiliser, ideally Searles Robust Lawn Booster. Searles Robust Lawn Booster is designed for instant results as well as producing steady, strong growth for 3-4 months after application.


Importantly, more steady growth means that the grass grows in a robust fashion, developing a dense and compact lawn that does not need mowing as often. If you couple this with a mower height that does not scalp into the undergrowth of the turf, the dense lawn helps to form a natural barrier to weeds, smothering them and not allowing them to get a foothold.

Another major benefit is Robust Lawn Booster is an environmentally friendly fertiliser. Because it steadily releases the nutrients as the lawn needs them and does not dump them all at once, the amount of nutrients leaching into waterways is reduced and more fertiliser stays on the lawn, providing improved growth. A little goes a long way, providing tremendous value for money. 


TIP: If you know rain is coming, quickly spread the pellets over your lawn and let nature water them in.

For all year steady lawn growth, follow up your spring and summer applications with an extra dose in autumn before next winter. It is as easy as that.


So spread Searles Robust Lawn Booster over lawns this spring for a more sustainable, thicker lawn.


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How to fertilise lawns for lush green grass - why fertilise lawns in spring


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