How do Re-wetting granules work?

One of the greatest causes of plant ailments and plant losses is from the soil or potting mix becoming dry, waxy and water repellent, inevitably not rewetting. 


What is soil dry out (Hydrophobic soil)?
This is a very common problem with potting mixtures, sandy soils and any garden mixes containing large quanti­ties of organic matter. When the organic matter dries out, it can become waxy and water repellent. This causes applied water to either pool on top of the soil or potting mix or just run straight through the mix without actually moistening it. Soil with this problem is commonly referred to as being 'hydrophobic'.


A method which has been used in the past to rewet pot plants was to sub­merge the entire pot under water for five to ten minutes or longer so that all the potting mix would reabsorb water again. This method is slow and tedious, and is only effective until the next time the pot plant dries out and the 'hydrophobic' problem arises again.


The use of Rewetting Granules will eliminate these 'hydrophobic' prob­lems that are all too common in pot-plants and in the garden. Rewetting Granules are small granules which contain a powerful wetting agent absorbed within each granule. When applied to the surface of a pot, to a garden bed or a lawn, the Rewetting Granules overcome these 'hydrophobic’ problems associated with soils and organic matter. Rewetting Granules allow water to penetrate deeply into the mixture, even after the mixture may have com­pletely dried out in between watering. They allow water to soak into the entire mix, including the root zone of the plant, allowing the potting mix or soil to absorb the maximum amount of water possible, making the greatest use of applied water. However, Rewetting Granules will not make a potting mix or soil become water­logged. In fact, one of the benefits of Rewetting Granules is that they also improve the drainage of the potting mix or soil.


Rewetting Granules successfully main­tain an essential balance between water holding capacity and aeration of a potting mix or soil. This means that they will not waterlog a mix, they will actually improve the infiltration of water into the mixture and the drainage of excess water out of the mix.

An application of Rewetting Granules will also reduce your usage of applied fertiliser, as the granules help to elimi­nate water runoff. (This water runoff often contains some of the applied fer­tiliser, which is wasted as it washes down the drain.)


How to use re-wetting granules

There's no easier way to use a product in the garden than to sprinkle around some granules, and rewetting granules can be sprinkled straight from the packet. For pot plants, simply sprinkle some onto the surface of the potting mixture. For gardens and lawns, just sprinkle them straight onto the surface of the soil or mulch. As soon as water is applied to the soil, the granules will start to work.


Where to use re-wetting granules

Rewetting Granules can be used on pot plants, hanging baskets, garden beds, lawns and turf. They can be used with seed germination and are especially useful when seeding areas of new lawns.


When to use re-wetting granules

Rewetting granules can be used at any time of the year, with no preferred sea­son of application. High quality com­mercial products such as Searles Penetraide® last for up to 12 months from application. Simply re-apply them whenever you feel necessary, or every four to six months.


Rewetting Granules improve plant growth, save plant losses, reduce water loss and fertilser waste, and make growing plants all that much more successful and enjoyable.

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