Redcycle - You can Recycle Searles Potting Mix bags


Did you know you can recycle Searles potting mix bags?

All Searles potting mix, compost, mulch and garden soil soft plastic bags can be recycled at any REDcycle participating collection centre. After use cut into A3 size pieces and shake free of as much product as possible before placing them in the REDcycle recycling collection centre, located in most major supermarkets (e.g. Coles & Woolworths). For more information on what you can recycle visit www.redcycle.net.au.  


Reuse recycle reduce gardening tips


Look out for our recycled plastic packaging logo

Searles have taken steps to collaborate with plastic manufacturers to source plastic packaging which has been produced with a considerable percentage of recycled plastic. Look out for our ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ logo on many Searles bagged product packaging of composts, potting mixes and mulches which contain recycled plastic.


Searles Potting Mix bag have recycled plastic content