Choosing the right fertiliser – Fish & Kelp

Why is Fish and Kelp (seaweed) fertiliser better for plants than seaweed alone?

Oceans are the life blood of the earth. They produce many of our humanly needs. Same goes for our plant life. Seaweed liquid provides plants with mineral and vitamins for optimum health of plant cells and naturally encourages plants’ resistance to insect and disease attack and minimises drought and frost damage. Seaweed alone is not a fertiliser.

Fish liquid is made from fish by-product and is the fertiliser component which keeps the plant growing beautifully. One product that combines the best of both benefits is SeaMax Fish & Kelp. Here is a real fertiliser with benefits. This liquid fertiliser promotes better flowering, fruiting & healthy foliage to vegetables, fruits, flowering plants and lawns. SeaMax Fish & Kelp is up to 2 times stronger than just using seaweed alone. 100% organic. 
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