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What makes a premium potting mix?


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What goes into Searles Premium Potting Mixes that gives plants the best growing performance?

Carefully selected premium ingredients and lots of testing and research ensure our mixes are working alongside nature to produce a healthy balanced soil for excellent plant growth. Our potting mixes are predominately created with rich organic matter and minerals, promoting microbiological activity to flourish and increase the health and availability of nutrient delivery to the plants.

The texture, or how friable a mix is, also plays an important factor in creating healthy soil. Varying sizes of material, from smaller pieces of sand, composted matter and peat, to larger pieces of bark, allow better aeration and drainage of the mix. It allows water to flow freely through the mix reaching the roots where it is most needed. Additional additives, such as water crystals, zeolite, coir peat and importantly composted matter all allow free movement of water with the added benefit of water retention.

Our premium potting mixes are a result of years of research and a love of making plants flourish. All of our mixes are tested multiple times during composting and at the bagging stage to ensure our mixes perform just the way we intended them to.