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Tree & Blackberry Killer spray


October 17, 2023


The Searles Gardening Team

Control of lantana, blackberry, wattles, privet, camphor laurels, and woody weeds is a cause for concern for many gardeners. Conventional weed killers are not designed to kill woody weeds or ones with a tap root. Seedlings of eucalyptus and wattles or Australian blackthorn need a powerful herbicide containing Triclopyr, and Searles Tree & Blackberry Killer is the answer.

Searles Tree & Blackberry Killer can be used in two ways depending on which weed needs to be controlled. For blackberries or camphor laurel seedlings up to 3m, you can spray the foliage and stems while the plants are in a growing period, late spring to early autumn. Only spray a plant you want to kill, as over-spray can lead to losing desired plants.

A basal bark spray is for plant seedlings up to 5cm in diameter. Spray or paint the bark or around the stem to 30cm, wetting it thoroughly. You may need a more thorough spraying for old, rough bark as the bark is thicker than the younger, smoother trunk plants. This spray treats eucalyptus and wattle seedlings, lantana, camphor laurel and Australian blackthorn.

Cut stump treatment is when the tree has a 5cm or larger basal diameter and is cut within 15cm of the ground. When the cut is fresh, apply by liberally spraying or painting the stump within the hour. If the stump has had time to heal, use a saw or mattock to freshen up the stump wound.

After treatment, do not burn off, cut or clear for six months after treatment. Equipment used for treating plants with Tree & Blackberry Killer should not be used for any other different type of spray application.

In some cases, a second application may need to be applied. Still, when you follow the instructions, it is a powerful herbicide. It does not contain glyphosate, and with any chemical, always follow the directions and safety procedures.