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Planting new plants in the garden


July 28, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

As with everything, preparation is the key to success. When most people think of success in the garden, they think of not just the plant surviving but achieving the best growth in the quickest time frame. You can have a plant grow quickly and very tall, but the form, density and plant health are equally as important. To achieve this, the foundation of successful planting starts before you even pick up the spade.

As in real estate, the right position is critical.  Consider how much sun reaching the leaves is required for optimal growth and health of the plant.

Envisage the plants watering needs, and if they will be met where you intend to plant. A thirsty plant placed at the bottom of the garden where there is no hose access will not be watered deeply or as often as other plants with water access.

The soil you are planting into is crucial, some plants just will not survive in certain soils such as citrus trees in heavy clay. If the soil is of poor quality, rich organic matter should be added to improve the soil structure and provide available nutrients for the plant’s roots. When planting, dig a hole two to three times larger than the pot the plant came in.  Even if the soil is of poor quality or reasonably healthy, a planting mix, like Searles Planting Mix, will dramatically increase the speed and quality of plant growth. Searles Planting Mix will add organic matter, water retention material, trace elements and control release fertiliser to the soil.  If your soil quality is poor, add two-thirds Planting Mix to one-third of your own garden soil and blend thoroughly. For your average garden soil, use a fifty-fifty blend, the bonus of using a planting mix will be seen in the speed and growth of the plant once it has settled in. The added nutrients and organic matter will enhance the growth and the greater water holding capacity will give an even form.

One of the most common causes of failure in new plantings is the plants dry out when not watered regularly. Using a planting mix with added wetting agents and moisture retention properties gives them a buffer as it is designed to hold the moisture longer. Watering plants after planting is a MUST, to flatten out air pockets and secure the plant into the ground until it is fully established which could take up to eighteen months for some. Even old established gardens and trees flourish with a weekly water.

As well as regular water, the plant will flourish with regular fertilising. Every two to three months add extra nourishment with either an organic fertiliser (5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser), synthetic fertiliser (Robust- Controlled Release Fertiliser) or an organic-based combination plant food (Searles Plant Food range). Rotate the fertiliser regime to achieve maximum growth.  If you want rapid growth after planting, fortnightly liquid feed with SeaMax Organic Fertiliser solution will set you up for success.

Now just add plants!