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Is ash from fireplaces the same as potash?


June 5, 2023


The Searles Gardening Team

There is an old gardener’s tale that the ash from the fireplace is the same as sulphate of potash.

Searles Sulphate of Potash, used to promote flower and fruit growth, is sourced as a natural material from the ground and granulated. It isa natural element, and when you pick up a bag of the product it feels like a bag of small granules.  Liquid Potash is a synthetic version of potash and is best reapplied fortnightly, where the sulphate of potash is absorbed by plant leaves and roots.


Ash from the fire, can contain some potassium but often not in the quantities needed for flowering. Also, potassium quantities in fire ash are variable depending on what has been burnt. With the liquid potash or the granule Sulphate of Potash you know exactly the potassium content and application rates on the packaging are formulated to promote strong flowering and fruiting.