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How To Store Potting Mix Bags Properly


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

Learn how to store flour and potting mix to keep them fresh and pest-free. Follow our tips for proper storage in sealed containers. Keep them in a dry, sheltered area indoors.

Many of us store our flour in a sealed container to keep out the weevils. Similarly, to maximise the longevity of unused potting mix and keep out unwanted pests breeding in the mix, reseal bag and store in a sealed container. Place container in a dry, sheltered area away from the sun and moisture, preferably indoors.

Remember potting mix does degrade over time. If you have had a bag in the shed for over 12 months, spread the old mix onto a garden bed and buy a fresh new bag of potting mix for potting new plants. The old adage applies, ‘fresh is best’.

How to store potting mix bags to keep out pests


How to store potting mix bags to keep out pests