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How to re-pot wire hanging baskets


July 28, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

Slowing growth or your wire hanging basket is looking a bit tired? Time to replace the basket liner and use fresh premium potting mix to rejuvenate flowering and healthy growth.

Old basket liners not only look tatty but can harbour weed seeds and pests.  If you have noticed pests like scale, mealybug, aphids etc, then their eggs or larvae may be hiding in the fibres and when you simply tip out the plant and soil, they are still there to reinfest their new hosts. The soil and basket fibre can also harbour weeds which the birds may have spread, but the old weeds will have left seeds in the fibre and definitely in the soil. Typical of this is oxalis, once you have it in a basket it is very hard to remove, especially by hand.

Basket liners are readily available from gardening and produce supply stores. Split liners are popular and can be moulded to fit the wire basket. Pre-mould basket liners are also available if you want a seamless look.

The ideal premium potting mix for hanging baskets is Searles Platinum Potting Mix, the double strength re-wetting agent and crystals included in this mix, holds onto the moisture you lose quickly in wire hanging baskets.

When re-potting, gently remove the old plant out of the wire basket and detach it from the old basket fibre liner. Gently remove some of the old potting mix around the roots and check for pests or diseases. Give your wire basket a good clean with a little bit of detergent to remove old caked-on soil and any moss or fungus spores. Re-line your wire basket with a new basket liner and fill the basket with fresh Searles Platinum Potting Mix. Re-pot plant and liquid feed with SeaMax Organic Fertiliser to settle the roots and kick start healthy new plant growth.

To maintain healthy and continued growth, sprinkle a controlled-release fertiliser, Recharge Pots & Gardens every several months, and alternate feeding with a fortnightly liquid feed with an instant fertiliser, Searles Flourish Soluble Plant Fertiliser.