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How to Grow Spinach / Silverbeet


July 25, 2022


Searle Admin

Food full of vitamins and minerals (especially iron) helps to keep us healthy and happy, but nothing beats home grown vegetables and one favourite is Spinach.

Spinach is a wonderfully easy and successful vegetable to grow at home in the garden. The trick to full flavoured Spinach is to grow it fast, so it is best to prepare the soil in advance. Spinach likes a very nutrient enriched soil. To give your seedlings or seeds a great start dig good quantities of 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser into your soil before planting.


Spinach can be either grown from seed or bought as seedlings. Either way, make sure they are in a sunny position and plant them about 15cm apart.


To keep spinach growing fast, it needs regular watering and fertilising. Water every 2-3 days and fertilise every week with SeaMax Organic Fertiliser in the mornings or afternoons. SeaMax Organic Fertiliser will maintain the plants health and strong stem growth.

HARVESTINGSpinach is ready for harvesting after about 8 weeks. Pick the outside leaves while they are young and tender. Don’t pick them all in one go, as the plant will keep growing and you can pick fresh leaves continually.