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How to Grow Green Beans


July 25, 2022


Searle Admin

Most people love beautiful fresh vegetables full of goodness and flavour, but one household favourite are home grown Dwarf (Green) Beans.

Dwarf Beans are a great crop to grow at home as they take up very little space, are very productive and don’t need a trellis.

Dwarf Beans flourish in a full sun position and need a sweet soil. Start by adding some Dolomite to the soil and also dig in Searles Premium Compost. Beans do not like a very rich soil as they produce their own nitrogen, so do not add fertilisers or manures that are high in nitrogen.

Plant the seeds straight into the soil about one foot apart and 3-5cm deep. Always be sure to check on the packet for the correct spacing and depth for the particular variety of dwarf bean you are growing.

To produce a bumper crop of beans liquid feed with Searles Liquid Potash every two weeks. Searles Liquid Potash contains some phosphorus and a whole lot of potassium. It does not contain any nitrogen. This is important, as too much nitrogen will produce lots of leaves and little beans. However, the high potassium (Potash) content will promote more flowers and most importantly, loads of beautiful crisp beans.

Now after about ten weeks, you’ll be picking an abundance of fresh crisp beans, and the great thing is that they will continue to bear more beans for weeks to come.