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Growing Cyclamens


May 10, 2023


The Searles Gardening Team

Cyclamens are a popular plant for the cooler months, with their vibrant flowers, they are better than a short-lived vase of flowers. Cyclamens are a tuberous perennial and with a little care they will reappear each autumn.

Cyclamens grow from a tuber visible above the soil. As the leaves start to develop they quickly cover the tuber. To promote healthy leaf growth, the way you water will determine the plants growth. Only water the soil and not the tuber itself. Never have a saucer of water under the plant, as rot is the main point of failure for cyclamen. Allow their soil to dry out slightly between watering. Note they will wilt if you allow them to dry out for long periods. Their watering needs will vary depending on your climatic zone and time of year. A premium potting mix which is structured for cyclamen growing will keep them happy during each season. Searles Cyclamen and African Violet Specialty Mix has the correct soil structure, water draining properties and 9 months of controlled release fertiliser for healthy growth. To boost flowering for longer, used a soluble instant fertiliser that encourages more flowering, such as, Searles Flourish Flower & Foliage fortnightly.

As the temperatures begin to rise the cyclamen will approach the end of their season, and the leaves will start to turn yellow and die back. This is their life cycle, and early spring can see the tubers’ tops start to become visible again. To lengthen their flowering time, position them where they do not have warm temperature prematurely. Heaters on at night increases the night temperature for them too early. Put them out at night for cooler night air and bring them back in before the sun returns. The adage was to “put them out at night with the cat”.

Store the tuber in a cool, dark and dry place and when it comes to the decrease in the night temperatures bring it out and start to water the soil.  Slowly, you will see them wake up and flourish with leaves. Some lucky folks can keep them going most of the year and even have them growing in the garden.  Lucky them.